This can be seen in the area represented within the yellow circle. Another application of the Evening star candlestick reversal pattern is combined with the relative strength index indicator . The RSI indicator is an indicator of momentum that is useful and powerful in gauging the extent of a price move. Any of the above will work well with the Evening star pattern formation.


It has the same characteristics as the Morning star candlestick, but in reverse. Moreover, the Morning star candlestick is a bullish reversal pattern, whereas the Evening star technical analysis pattern is a bearish reversal pattern. Trading the evening star candlestick pattern can be very rewarding, if it is done right. No trader is an expert at this pattern after simply learning to identify it.

How to trade & win Forex with Evening Star candlestick pattern

What is needed is an understanding of past price action and where the pattern appears within the existing trend. In this addition to my price action course, we’re going back to the three-candle patterns. Correctly identifying and trading the evening star candlestick pattern can be very rewarding.

forex evening star

It will draw real-time zones that show you where the price is likely to test in the future. In this final example, a target was again placed at a level that offered double the reward versus the initial risk. This guide explains what the Evening Star pattern is and how to recognize and interpret it with the help of an example chart and trade.

Mô hình nến Sao Hôm rơi (Dropping Evening Star)

This means the market can go in an uptrend even though the Evening Star occurs on the chart. To avoid this, we can use momentum oscillators like the RSI or use time-based filters. The Evening Star candlestick pattern is such a great bearish and bullish Reversal part to make it appear in all the system. Deepen your knowledge of technical analysis indicators and hone your skills as a trader. In case the potential client does not understand the risks involved, he/she should seek advice or consultation from an independent advisor.

For the morning star pattern, you enter the trade on a break above the higher point of the first and third candlestick, putting a stop loss below the middle candlestick. As with any bearish reversal signal, a true evening star will only occur after a uptrend in price. Trying to trade similar candlestick formations during periods of price consolidation is not wise. A morning star is a bullish candlestick pattern in a price chart.

Before looking for the completion of the Evening Star pattern, we also want to make sure the bullish trend is exhausted. When the price touches old support levels that have been formed in the past. In addition, the Evening Star can also appear when prices are in a downtrend. The last one is a bearish candle with a body that is at least 50% long of the first candle. 73.05% of investors lose money when trading CFDs with FXCM Enhanced Execution and pricing.

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These are the tell-tale signs that an evening star pattern has occurred. Technical analysts trading this security would consider selling or shorting the security in anticipation of an upcoming decline. Gold Stuff mt5 is a trend indicator designed specifically for gold and can also be used on any financial instrument. Contact me immediately after the purchase to get the settings and a personal bonus! Morning Star patterns are also trend reversal patterns, which indicate buying opportunities and are bullish.

The Evening Star Patterns Explained – Flux Magazine

The Evening Star Patterns Explained.

Posted: Fri, 05 Mar 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

But towards the peak, we can see that an Evening star reversal pattern formed on the price chart. Just as this reversal candlestick pattern was completing, we can take note of the RSI reading. The Evening star candlestick pattern can be seen quite frequently on the price charts; however, the best formations will generally be those that appear at the top of an uptrend.

Stops can be placed above the recent swing high, as a break of this level would invalidate the reversal. In the evening star, the reliability increases if the third candlestick opens below the actual body of the star, leaving a gap between them. A third candlestick is more reliable if its natural body penetrates the actual body of the first candlestick and if its lower shadow is very limited or non-existent. Last but not least, you should also consider the volume since the pattern is more reliable if it is lower on the first candlestick and higher on the third.

  • The first part of the Evening star candlestick pattern is a large green candle.
  • The same analysis applied to the Morning Star can be implemented with the evening star however, it will be the opposite direction.
  • Therefore, these formations will be considered the most reliable types of Evening star formations.
  • A stop-loss would be placed above the highest level within the Evening star formation.
  • What is needed is an understanding of past price action and where the pattern appears within the existing trend.
  • The GBP/USD chart below illustrates the evening star pattern.

It begins with a small gap down and bears to be able to press the rates and prices even further downfall, often eliminating the profit and gains seen on the first day. helps traders of all levels learn how to trade the financial markets. An Evening Doji Star consists of a long bullish candle, followed by a Doji that gaps up, then a third bearish candle that gaps down and closes well within the body of the first candle. A star is a candlestick formation that happens when a small bodied-candle is positioned above the price range of the previous candle. The descending triangle is a chart pattern used in technical analysis. The pattern usually forms at the end of a downtrend but can also occur as a consolidation in an uptrend.

Our exit strategy calls for setting a target at the level where price reaches two times the length of the entire Evening star structure. You can reference the lowermost maroon bracket which represents our intended target level and exit point. Once again, this Evening star reversal strategy provided for a profitable trade.


With this easy strategy, a target can be placed at a level that would allow you to profit twice as much than what you are willing to initially risk on any particular trade. The candlestick on Day 2 is quite small and can be bullish, bearish, or neutral (i.e. Doji). The relative strength index indicator tended to rise during the higher price sequence. Then there is the third candle with a solid bearish candle which will close beyond the halfway point of the first candle. Therefore, these formations would be considered the most reliable types of the Evening star formation. Trading Strategies Learn the most used Forex trading strategies to analyze the market to determine the best entry and exit points.

On the first, bulls are in charge – new highs are usually made. Now let us discuss the strategies behind a successful and emerging Evening star candlestick trading pattern. This strategy is a simple yet effective method for trading using the Evening star candlestick signal. If you are trading the evening star, be sure to employ sound risk management principles.

The Morning Star candlestick pattern is a reliable reversal signal, indicating that the market is about to make a bullish move. The RSI indicator is one of the most reliable indicators of market trend direction, and it’s often used to signal a reversal in a downtrend. The morning star pattern is the exact opposite of the evening star pattern. It looks like the trend is reversing, so it’s time to get out while the getting is good! For a morning star, the first candle is a red candle, followed by a small one, which is called a “start,” and then a large white candle. You can use the historic price action and analyze the structure and behaviour of the morning and evening star patterns on the Metatrader 5 trading platform, which you can accesshere.

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Forex.Academy is a free news and research website, offering educational information to those who are interested in Forex trading. Forex Academy is among the trading communities’ largest online sources for news, reviews, and analysis on currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, metals, and indices. An interesting spot for a Long trader, even with near term partial profit taking.

An evening star candlestick pattern is a strong bearish reversal signal, meaning a true evening star pattern only occurs after an uptrend in price. What constitutes an uptrend in price may vary from trader to trader, but the move should be somewhat significant. Steve Nison has stated that a trend in price, as it relates to candlestick trading, may be as little as a few significant candles in one direction. Like other candlestick patterns, trading forex with evening star patterns is a breeze. All you need to do is recognize the formation (strong bullish candle — Doji — bearish third candlestick), define market entry, set a stop loss, and locate a profit target.

It is believed that there are more than 100 based on Japanese candlesticks. We divide them into various categories, such as bullish vs. bearish, reversal vs. continuation, as well as simple and more complex formations. Traders will often look for signs of indecision in the market where selling pressure subsides and leaves the market somewhat flat.

The green horizontal line marks the level at which we would have exited this position with a handsome profit. Notice that around the same time that the Evening star pattern was nearing its completion, the RSI reading had emerged into overbought territory, exceeding the upper threshold of 70. This would have provided an excellent opportunity to short the market immediately following the completion of the Evening star formation. Even though prices consolidated a bit after the pattern completion, the price ultimately moved lower as we would have anticipated. Resistance can come in many forms such as from a swing high, a psychological round number, a Fibonacci level and more.

In such markets, traders acknowledge an evening star pattern if there is a price gap between the first and second candles, and between the second and third candles. Notice that the open and close prices of candlestick two are almost equal, and the pattern ends more than halfway up the red stick that kicked it off? This is another significant candlestick pattern that has bearish implications. The price move lower following the shooting star formation would warrant us to view the high of that candle as a significant area of supply, and thus we would mark a resistance level there. At this point, all the conditions for this trade set up have been met.

The importance of zones can be adjusted with the zone strength parameter. Demand zones are displayed if at least one in the range of the zone will be entirely above the zone. Respectively, supply zones are displayed if at least one candle within the zone will be entirely below the zone. Bullish candles confirm the reversal and cover most of the loss from the first candle. The morning star should ideally appear below the first candle, and the confirmation candle should appear above the morning star. Traders will wait for confirmation signals when the Evening Star appears before deciding whether to trade.

This one would have worked out very well for any trader that took the signal – even at the traditional entry . If you see an Evening star candlestick pattern, you will know that the uptrend has ended, and the only now available way is to sell your order. However, you will need to wait until the first bearish candle is formed completely. Therefore, your trade entry should be at the closing price of this respective bearish candle. One advantage of using single candlestick patterns is that they may be combined with other formations in real-time.

If the potential client still does not understand the risks involved in trading in any financial instruments, he/she should not trade at all. This website is independent of of all forex, crypto and binary brokers featured on it. Before trading with any of the brokers, potential clients should ensure they understand the risks and verify that the broker is licensed.

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