After years of traveling around the world and having gained extensive experience in coffee production, by early 1950, G.Neofotistos begins selecting superior Arabica and Robusta coffee beans cultivated in America, Asia and Africa.


In 1951, a small unit for roasting, blending and packaging is established. At the same time, in center of Argos, he opens the 1st commercial point for NEKTAR coffee.


Ιn 1980, Varvara Neofotistou became the Managing Director of the company. Nektar at that point has been exclusively specialized in the production of top quality Greek coffee blends.


n 1981, the successful recipe of Greek coffee efficiently implemented in filter coffee blends


In 1995, Nektar opened its new offices in Athens. The new base marks a new beginning for the company. It can now cover all of Greece, with better distribution channels and shorter delivery times.


By 2002, Nektar’s market position has been significantly strengthened in Greek and filter coffee. With espresso gradually gaining ground in Greece, our company decides to include it in its range of products. In the same year, the company enters into an exclusive partnership to import espresso coffee, with the Italian firm "caffé Fantini" from Rome. At the same time, it is the first company to import on an exclusive basis NatFood products.


In 2007, the company partners with Premier's Tea Limited, from India, in order to become the exclusive distributors of their tea products in Greece. Nektar now carries the completed product range for HO.RE.CA customers. The customer base is constantly growing and partnerships with local distributors in Greece are being established.


In 2008, Nektar completes in Mycenae, in privately owned facilities, its new modern, automated Coffee Production, Packaging and Storage Unit. Fully harmonized with the Community guidelines for food quality assurance (ISO, HAACP). Thus marking a new era of production possibilities for the company.


In 2009, now based in its new coffee production plant, the company completes its renewal of the Nektar brand identity and new packaging that is targeted at customers with retail stores both in Greece and abroad.


In 2010, we complete the creation of the new espresso range, 'dieci espresso'. This came as a result of our long term collaboration with Italian espresso plants. The 'dieci' range is produced entirely in Greece, in our company's Production Unit in Mycenae.


In 2012 we win the 1st prize in the "100 best" products of the year for our Greek coffee. In the same year, our company won the 1st place in the National Coffee Championship in the Cezve/Ibrik category. This was followed by the 2nd place in the World Coffee Championship organized by SCAE (specialty coffee association) held in Vienna. Stavros Lambrinidis came 2nd in the Cezve/Ibrik Championship using Nektar traditional Greek coffee.


In 2015, Iris Katsarou, 3rd generation of the family, becomes the CEO of Nektar. In the same year, the organic coffee production certification is completed for our company. The new Nektar organic blends, organic Greek, filter and espresso coffee, are launched on the market for the first time.


In 2017, in collaboration with the Non-Governmental Organization, WISE GREECE, we create the new range of NEKTAR Greek Flavoured Coffee. Six flavoured coffees for a good cause. The new series is added to our company's product range and is considered an innovative evolution of Greek coffee by our customers in Greece and abroad.


70 years of Nektar...
The Nektar coffee shop in Argos, celebrates 70 years of operation. As a company we have a presence in Greece and more than 30 countries abroad with our products constantly evolving and growing. Nektar continues to be a family business! The 1st , 2nd and 3rd generations work together, adopting our renewed corporate identity with new packaging in line with the realities of the 2nd decade of the 21st century.