Press release

For 70 years now, coffee is our priority.

NEKTAR company, is celebrating 70 years in the coffee business, offering unique tastes and recipes for us to enjoy.

The starting point of the company, in 1951, was the ‘NEKTAR coffee roastery’, in the heart of Argos city, Peloponnisos.

The Growing point of the company, in 2008, was the new Production Unit in Mycenae.

NEKTAR is a family business, a ‘Family bound by coffee’. The company was born by Georgios and Spyridoula Neofotistou. Later on, Barbara Neofotistou, 2nd generation, became the Managing Director and took over the reins of the company’s development. Today, the steering wheel of NEKTAR is held by the 3rd generation of the family, Iris Katsarou. With a strong legacy in Argolida province, NEKTAR, now joins the world market. With a presence throughout Greece and 32 countries abroad, it harmonizes with the global market requirements, in quality, packaging and innovation. Along with the traditional and well-known coffee blends of NEKTAR, new ones are added every year, such as organic Greek, filter, espresso coffee and Greek flavored coffee.


–         NEKTAR traditional Greek coffee, won the 1st place, among 100 best Greek products, in 2012.
–         The 1st place in the 5th Panhellenic Greek Coffee Competition, in 2013
–         2nd place at the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) World Coffee Championship held in Vienna.

‘Through our coffee blends and beverages, every person to find their own NEKTAR. The one that sets their mood, keeps them company and matches their taste.  “Since 1951, we have been diversifying and evolving the coffee experience.”

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